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Lawrence Greenspun/Drucker Institute

Lawrence created the Drucker Playbook for the Public Sector and spearheads the development, marketing and delivery of customized versions of the Playbook to government entities around the country. Lawrence came to the Drucker Institute in 2009 with a background in education, as well as freelance writing and editing. As a teacher, Lawrence spent more than two decades in public, private, and religious school systems, serving in roles ranging from first grade teacher to principal of a Hebrew high school and junior college. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Religious Studies, Lawrence served a stint on the Philadelphia Eagles media relations staff. He has done graduate course work in Education, Jewish Studies and Irish Studies. Lawrence teaches a course on leadership in the University of Notre Dame’s ESTEEM Master’s program in entrepreneurship. He is a Prairie Ambassador for the American Prairie Reserve, which is creating a three-million-acre wildlife reserve in Montana.

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About this course

The Drucker Playbook arms public sector employees with tools for individual, team and organizational effectiveness. 

The Playbook is based on the premise—one championed by Peter Drucker—that within effective organizations, people at every level see themselves as leaders. With that in mind, the Drucker Playbook is a leadership-training program, designed specifically for the public sector. It provides practical tools and lessons for impact and results that are ready to be implemented by government employees today—whether you are an executive, department head, midlevel manager, supervisor, or front-line employee.

The course is delivered through: lectures by Drucker Institute instructors; dynamic animations to help you visualize concepts; adapted readings from Drucker books; original video/audio footage of Drucker himself; and engaging activities to get you moving from ideas to results.

The Playbook is divided into seven modules: 

  • The Building Blocks of Leadership
  • Drucker's Five Most Important Questions
  • Managing Oneself
  • Effective Communication
  • Planned Abandonment and Innovation
  • Measuring the Right Things the Right Way
  • Accountability and Values

After each module, you'll come away with a concrete, personalized game plan for taking these lessons and putting them into practice immediately.