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Drucker Institute

The Drucker Institute is a social enterprise based at Claremont Graduate University. Our mission is strengthening organizations to strengthen society. Our programs help corporate, nonprofit, government and community leaders manage with courage. For more, visit

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About this course

“Out With the Old," will help your organization or team decide what to stop doing, based on the timeless insights of the late Peter Drucker.

The course will be delivered through: lectures by Drucker Institute instructors; dynamic animations to help you visualize concepts; excerpted readings from Drucker books; original video footage of Drucker himself*; engaging activities to get you moving from ideas to results; as well as a thought-provoking audio cameo from leading management thinker Charles Handy.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Drucker's definition of "Planned Abandonment"
  • How to use Drucker's "Business X-Ray," a tested framework for determining what to stop doing
  • The role of sloughing off the old in order to create the new

You'll then come away with a concrete, personalized action plan for taking these lessons and putting them into practice immediately.

(*Original Drucker/BNA video footage is shared here with the generous permission of The Drucker 1996 Literary Works Trust.)